Placate. 12x18 Study. Oil on Board

I had a little bit of time this afternoon so I decided to start working out a concept I have for a series of Limited Palette Paintings. The idea is to evoke some severe shifts in mood and content across a very limited color selection. This first study was done to lay in some graphic lines and develop a process for blending the loose style of painting I prefer, with the crisp graphic edges of the negative space. I feel pretty good about the start and hope you do to! If you are interested in purchasing the original study, check out my originals page. Thanks for stopping by!

Smaug the Magnificent

This big guy is 4x8 Acrylic on Masonite. It isquite likely that I will add additional segments once the piece is installed so as to bring him up to 30-40 feet high. Ideally I'd like to remake him down the line to have a 40' head, but I guess this will have to do in the meantime! The sequence of images below the final show a few progress shots along the way. I hope you enjoy!