Black Hole Sun

In honor of Chris Cornell's amazing impact on my life, and sooooo many others, I decided to finally do a Tribute painting. The painting came very naturally but the motivation was very difficult. He meant so much to me that I didn't want to come across as a timely fan artist trying to cash in on his, and Chester's, passage. Chris Cornell was a foundation level musician for me and helped shape what I have listened to for the last 26 years. I was introduced to his work via Temple of the Dog and then was clubbed over the head with badmotorfinger. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed and relished every thing he has ever produced...even Scream. So for me, this painting had to be delivered carefully in order for me to try and establish a genuine connection to all of you. If you dig the painting, awesome! If you have a mutual profound respect for Chris's integrity and efforts , and this painting allows us to lock eyes across the infinite, then I have achieved my goal.

I am selling prints on my etsy store for $25 and will donate $5 per print to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Alternately, if you make a $25 donation to the AFSP and send me a copy of your receipt, I'll send you a print for free. 

We are all alone and adrift until we reach out our hands, and hearts, and try to make a connection. Thanks for stopping by. Grant