Solider 76 or I'm not a young man anymore

So I am an avid Overwatch fan. Not a Silver Portrait 5 star player by any means, but I play a lot and love everything about the game. The character design, the backgrounds and the stylistic sense of humor that I have enjoyed from Blizzard since Lost Vikings and Rock n Roll Racing. As such, I have finally decided to knock out a few thematic cutouts for me and my OW buddies to celebrate the game and talk mad trash to/with. The first of these Acrylic cutouts, standing 6'5" on hand-cut, hand painted Masonite is my favorite, and most played, character: Soldier 76. may have to do the Halloween Thriller suit soon, as it is my fav, but for now we will go with beat up old Jack. All that is left is to make a voice bubble that says "Young punk's...Get off my lawn!" and I will be good to go. If you are interested in the other kind of stuff I make, check out the Paintings sub headings for a few images of some of the work I have done! Thanks for stopping by!

New beginnings...

Well, here I am with a new website...again. This go around I have opted to use Squarespace to create what I think is a very clean and functional site. I guess in the end, you guys will be the judge. As with all fresh beginnings, I would be remiss if I didn't offer the token promise that I will post and update this page regularly. I will certainly do my best, but with all of the cross-posting from Instagram, Reddit and the odd Facebook original post, I'm sure this site will slide between the cracks at some point.

Soooo to get the ball rolling, here is one of the few paintings I have created that I still enjoy looking at. It represents some new directions I have been heading in and will hopefully prove to be a milestone on this journey. I hope you dig it, and will check back soon!